Extra-Marital Affairs is not only about Sex ! [ Psychologist talks ]


Extra-marital Affairs – I think my husband is in love with someone else, What should I do ?

This video talks about how a wife / partner needs to deal with a situation that involves extra marital affair.

We address queries that reach our inbox either chronological or on demand. This question on extra marital affair is featured based on demand.

Sometimes it is just an assumption and sometimes it’s certain .
This video discusses on extra marital affair in both the situations.

We do not advert separation but at times it is better for both the individuals to take their own path of happiness. We look at what is the best for the person who has approached us. We have been successful in making couples work their differences and come together with few sessions and tips.

We suggest separation only in an inevitable situation where we are sure we have one person happy and we can work on the other person to be happy. It’s better than 2 unhappy people.

This video talks about few steps you may consider in a similar situation like this.

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