If not assistant psychologist then what? Other mental health/psychology roles


If not assistant psychologist then what? A video on other mental health/psychology roles 🙂

Hi there, welcome back to my channel! If you are a first-time viewer: My name is Ava; a research assistant at Kings and a UCL PhD student.

Other than the assistant psychologist role, I talk about the various psychology/ mental health roles that are available. This could be great for the clinical psychology doctorate (DClinPsy), PhD and other mental health careers!

Hopefully learning about my journey gaining clinical experience (and the skills I have learned from each of them) will help you take the next step on your own career journey.

There are a few undergraduate experiences I forgot to mention in the video!
1. NCS: The Challenge Support worker- 4 weeks (2 being residential) supporting two individuals with various mental health to integrate with their social group and adapt to the busy days of organisation and life skill tasks.

2. SLV volunteer: mental health placement-5 weeks of teaching English and doing mental health projects (eg. Meditation and art therapy) in hospitals, schools and healthcare centres using Eastern mental health approaches. SLV has had to close down due to COVID-19 and I will never forget how amazing this experience was for me (and many other psychology graduates).

If you have any questions or ideas of what else you would like me to talk about, please comment below! x

0:00 Intro
0:24 Undergrad volunteering tip
0:47 Nightline: Listening volunteer
1:07 B-eat group facilitator
1:27 Student Minds: Events/campaign manager
1:58 MSc: Clinical experience
2:28 Beam ABA: Behaviour Support Therapist
4:45 Applying for research roles
4:57 BIS Service: Cognitive Rehab Assistant
6:30 Priory hospital: Mental healthcare assistant
8:55 IMPORTANT advice on clinical experience


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